We are a small Maine Coon Cattery located in Northwest Ohio.  We breed Maine Coon kittens.  We share our home with our Beloved Maine Coons and two Golden Retrievers.  You can often find them cuddling together.  The Kitten Nursery is filled with interactive toys, nests to snuggle in and trees to climb.  Our  Maine Coon litters are all thoughtfully planned.  We health test for HCM, SMA, PkDef, FeLV, FIV

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​“Maine Coons are the largest domesticated felines in the world, able to grow up to four feet in length. The breed is characterised by their gentle nature and their fabulous fur, which can easily be mistaken for a scruffy beard.
Basically, they’re kinda like a lynx, except that they won’t try to kill you.”

"Dogs come to you when they're called; Cats take a Message and get back to you later"